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Manchester United vs Young Boys


Champions League group F. 08.12.2021.

"Home team only"FT (HT)PrevO/U
02/12prManchester United3:2 (1:1)ArsenalWO
28/11prChelsea1:1 (0:0)Manchester UnitedDU
23/11clVillarreal0:2 (0:0)Manchester UnitedWU
20/11prWatford4:1 (2:0)Manchester UnitedLO
06/11prManchester United0:2 (0:2)Manchester CityLU
02/11clAtalanta2:2 (1:1)Manchester UnitedDO
30/10prTottenham0:3 (0:1)Manchester UnitedWO
"Away team only"FT (HT)PrevO/U
01/12d1Young Boys3:1 (0:1)LuganoWO
28/11d1Zürich1:0 (0:0)Young BoysLU
23/11clYoung Boys3:3 (1:1)AtalantaDO
06/11d1Grasshoppers1:1 (1:0)Young BoysDU
02/11clVillarreal2:0 (1:0)Young BoysLU
30/10d1St. Gallen3:1 (1:0)Young BoysLO
23/10d1Young Boys3:2 (1:1)Lausanne-SportWO
"Mutual games"FT (HT)O/U
09/21clYoung Boys2:1 (0:1)Manchester UnitedO
11/18clManchester United1:0 (0:0)Young BoysU
09/18clYoung Boys0:3 (0:2)Manchester UnitedO

1. "Over 2.5"
Manchester United10010080402008006040
Young Boys100806040402060204040
Manchester United1001001005050010005050
Young Boys100500000050500

2."Full-time stats"Goals:overallscoredallowed
Manchester Unitedtotal:3.402.001.40
Young Boystotal:3.671.502.17
Manchester Unitedhome only:4.002.501.50
Young Boysaway only:1.500.001.50

Manchester United0002020204000
Young Boys33001717017017
Manchester United00050005000
Young Boys50005000000

"4. HT1 stats"overallscoredallowed1X2
Manchester United1.000.400.6006040
Young Boys1.500.501.00333333
Manchester United1.000.001.0005050
Young Boys0.500.000.5050500
"4. HT2 stats"overallscoredallowed1X2
Manchester United2.401.600.80602020
Young Boys2.171.001.17503317
Manchester United3.002.500.5010000
Young Boys1.000.001.0010000
"Streaks"WDLno Wno Dno L
Manchester United100014
Young Boys010401

"Full Standings"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.Manchester United531110:710
4.Young Boys51136:114
"Last 6 games"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.Manchester United531110:710
4.Young Boys51136:114
"Home only"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.Manchester United22005:36
4.Young Boys31116:84
"Away only"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.Manchester United31115:44
4.Young Boys20020:30
"Full table"MPW-D-Lgoalspoints1234
1.Manchester United53-1-110:710X2:13:2
4.Young Boys51-1-36:1142:11:43:3X

The soccer stats tables - explained:

1. "Over 2.5 stats": shows the percentage of over 1.5;2.5;3.5;BTTS.. games.

2."Full-time stats": shows average total goals per game, scored and allowed.

3. "HT/FT stats": Half-time/Full-time statistics in % of all games.

4. "HT1 stats" and "HT2 stats": shows the stats for each half-time - goals and half-time result.

5. "Time" of goals": shows the percentage of a goal(scored or allowed) in the given intervals .

- "Home team only": shows last 7 games for the home team.

- "Away team only": shows last 7 games for the away team.

- "Mutual games": shows mutual games between both teams.

- "Streaks": shows number of consecutive games with: W-wins, D-draws, L-losses, no W-without win, no D-without draw, no L-without loss.