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Viborg F.F. vs FC Fredericia1X2OvUn

Denmark 1. Division Promotion Group. Date: 10.04.2021. Start time:

Sorry no stats for this past game.

"Home team only"FT (HT)PrevO/U
04/04d2HB Køge1:1 (1:1)Viborg F.F.DU
21/03d2Kolding IF0:1 (0:0)Viborg F.F.WU
13/03d2Viborg F.F.2:0 (0:0)Esbjerg fBWU
07/03d2Skive IK0:3 (0:1)Viborg F.F.WO
26/02d2Viborg F.F.1:0 (0:0)HvidovreWU
21/02d2Vendsyssel FF0:1 (0:1)Viborg F.F.WU
12/02d2Viborg F.F.4:0 (2:0)FC FredericiaWO
"Away team only"FT (HT)PrevO/U
05/04d2FC Fredericia1:3 (1:1)Esbjerg fBLO
21/03d2FC Fredericia1:1 (1:0)Vendsyssel FFDU
14/03d2Fremad Amager1:2 (1:1)FC FredericiaWO
07/03d2FC Fredericia1:1 (0:1)Hobro IKDU
26/02d2Helsingor1:0 (1:0)FC FredericiaLU
21/02d2FC Fredericia0:1 (0:0)Esbjerg fBLU
12/02d2Viborg F.F.4:0 (2:0)FC FredericiaLO
"Mutual games"FT (HT)O/U
02/21d2Viborg F.F.4:0 (2:0)FC FredericiaO
11/20d2FC Fredericia1:1 (0:1)Viborg F.F.U
06/20d2Viborg F.F.0:2 (0:0)FC FredericiaU
03/20d2FC Fredericia1:3 (0:1)Viborg F.F.O
08/19d2Viborg F.F.2:2 (0:1)FC FredericiaO
05/19d2Viborg F.F.2:1 (0:1)FC FredericiaO
10/18d2FC Fredericia1:2 (0:1)Viborg F.F.O
08/18d2Viborg F.F.2:2 (2:1)FC FredericiaO
04/18d2Viborg F.F.2:0 (1:0)FC FredericiaU
11/17d2FC Fredericia2:2 (2:1)Viborg F.F.O
08/17d2Viborg F.F.2:3 (1:0)FC FredericiaO
04/15d2FC Fredericia1:2 (1:0)Viborg F.F.O
10/14d2Viborg F.F.2:0 (1:0)FC FredericiaU
09/14d2Viborg F.F.2:2 (1:2)FC FredericiaO

1. "Over 2.5"
Viborg F.F.100100000010001000
FC Fredericia1001001001000010000100
Viborg F.F.0000000000
FC Fredericia0000000000

2."Full-time stats"Goals:overallscoredallowed
FC Fredericiatotal:2.611.301.30
Viborg F.F.home only:3.092.450.64
FC Fredericiaaway only:2.911.451.45

Viborg F.F.3009131790913
FC Fredericia3540001741722
Viborg F.F.64002790000
FC Fredericia45000090936

"4. HT1 stats"overallscoredallowed1X2
Viborg F.F.1.260.960.30393922
FC Fredericia1.390.650.74391743
Viborg F.F.1.551.270.2764360
FC Fredericia1.730.820.9145945
"4. HT2 stats"overallscoredallowed1X2
Viborg F.F.1.391.040.35353926
FC Fredericia1.220.650.57432235
Viborg F.F.1.551.180.3655450
FC Fredericia1.180.640.55363627
"Streaks"WDLno Wno Dno L
Viborg F.F.000101
FC Fredericia000110

"5. Time of goals"0-1516-3031-4546-6061-7576+
Viborg F.F.393535354839
FC Fredericia303943223548
Viborg F.F.552745553636
FC Fredericia185555182745
"Full Standings"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.Esbjerg fB11003:13
2.Silkeborg IF11002:03
4.Viborg F.F.10101:11
5.HB Køge20112:41
6.FC Fredericia10011:30
"Last 6 games"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.Esbjerg fB11003:13
2.Silkeborg IF11002:03
4.Viborg F.F.10101:11
5.HB Køge20112:41
6.FC Fredericia10011:30
"Home only"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.Silkeborg IF11002:03
3.HB Køge10101:11
4.Viborg F.F.00000:00
5.Esbjerg fB00000:00
6.FC Fredericia10011:30
"Away only"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.Esbjerg fB11003:13
2.Viborg F.F.10101:11
3.Silkeborg IF00000:00
4.FC Fredericia00000:00
5.HB Køge10011:30
"Full table"MPW-D-Lgoalspoints123456
1.Esbjerg fB11-0-03:13X
2.Silkeborg IF11-0-02:03X2:0
4.Viborg F.F.10-1-01:11X
5.HB Køge20-1-12:411:1X
6.FC Fredericia10-0-11:301:3X

The soccer stats tables - explained:

1. "Over 2.5 stats": shows the percentage of over 1.5;2.5;3.5;BTTS.. games.

2."Full-time stats": shows average total goals per game, scored and allowed.

3. "HT/FT stats": Half-time/Full-time statistics in % of all games.

4. "HT1 stats" and "HT2 stats": shows the stats for each half-time - goals and half-time result.

5. "Time" of goals": shows the percentage of a goal(scored or allowed) in the given intervals .

- "Home team only": shows last 7 games for the home team.

- "Away team only": shows last 7 games for the away team.

- "Mutual games": shows mutual games between both teams.

- "Streaks": shows number of consecutive games with: W-wins, D-draws, L-losses, no W-without win, no D-without draw, no L-without loss.