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Rabotnicki Skopje vs FK Shkendija1X2OvUn

Macedonia First League. Date: 28.02.2021. Start time:

Sorry no stats for this past game.

"Home team only"FT (HT)PrevO/U
13/02d1Akademija Pandev0:1 (0:0)Rabotnicki SkopjeWU
16/12d1Rabotnicki Skopje2:1 (1:1)Borec VelesWO
13/12d1Struga2:1 (1:1)Rabotnicki SkopjeLO
09/12d1Rabotnicki Skopje3:1 (1:0)RenovaWO
06/12d1Vardar Skopje0:0 (0:0)Rabotnicki SkopjeDU
02/12d1Rabotnicki Skopje1:0 (1:0)PelisterWU
29/11d1Belasica2:2 (1:2)Rabotnicki SkopjeDO
"Away team only"FT (HT)PrevO/U
16/12d1FK Shkendija0:1 (0:0)PelisterLU
13/12d1Akademija Pandev0:1 (0:0)FK ShkendijaWU
09/12d1FK Shkendija2:0 (1:0)BelasicaWU
05/12d1Borec Veles0:2 (0:1)FK ShkendijaWU
02/12d1FK Shkendija5:0 (3:0)Makedonija GPWO
29/11d1Struga1:1 (1:0)FK ShkendijaDU
22/11d1FK Shkendija1:1 (1:0)ShkupiDU
"Mutual games"FT (HT)O/U
10/20d1FK Shkendija1:1 (1:0)Rabotnicki SkopjeU
11/19d1Rabotnicki Skopje1:2 (1:1)FK ShkendijaO
09/19d1FK Shkendija3:0 (2:0)Rabotnicki SkopjeO
05/19d1Rabotnicki Skopje0:1 (0:0)FK ShkendijaU
03/19d1FK Shkendija1:0 (0:0)Rabotnicki SkopjeU
11/18d1Rabotnicki Skopje1:2 (1:1)FK ShkendijaO
09/18d1FK Shkendija6:2 (3:1)Rabotnicki SkopjeO
05/18d1FK Shkendija3:0 (1:0)Rabotnicki SkopjeO
03/18d1Rabotnicki Skopje0:2 (0:1)FK ShkendijaU
11/17d1FK Shkendija2:1 (1:1)Rabotnicki SkopjeO
09/17d1Rabotnicki Skopje2:6 (1:3)FK ShkendijaO
11/16d1FK Shkendija2:2 (1:1)Rabotnicki SkopjeO
09/16d1Rabotnicki Skopje0:2 (0:0)FK ShkendijaU
04/16d1FK Shkendija3:1 (1:0)Rabotnicki SkopjeO
04/16d1Rabotnicki Skopje0:1 (0:1)FK ShkendijaU
11/15d1FK Shkendija1:1 (1:1)Rabotnicki SkopjeU
09/15d1Rabotnicki Skopje2:4 (1:1)FK ShkendijaO
05/15d1Rabotnicki Skopje2:1 (0:1)FK ShkendijaO
04/15d1Rabotnicki Skopje1:0 (0:0)FK ShkendijaU
11/14d1FK Shkendija1:3 (1:2)Rabotnicki SkopjeO
08/14d1Rabotnicki Skopje3:2 (1:1)FK ShkendijaO

1. "Over 2.5"
Rabotnicki Skopje796342265558373726
FK Shkendija10083392811656175628
Rabotnicki Skopje897844330067224433
FK Shkendija100785644111156223344

2."Full-time stats"Goals:overallscoredallowed
Rabotnicki Skopjetotal:
FK Shkendijatotal:2.672.000.67
Rabotnicki Skopjehome only:2.441.441.00
FK Shkendijaaway only:3.002.330.67

Rabotnicki Skopje2650113711055
FK Shkendija22220011280017
Rabotnicki Skopje3300114400011
FK Shkendija022000440033

"4. HT1 stats"overallscoredallowed1X2
Rabotnicki Skopje0.950.470.47325811
FK Shkendija1.280.890.39443917
Rabotnicki Skopje1.110.670.44335611
FK Shkendija1.220.670.56224433
"4. HT2 stats"overallscoredallowed1X2
Rabotnicki Skopje1.320.740.58265321
FK Shkendija1.391.110.28172261
Rabotnicki Skopje1.330.780.56335611
FK Shkendija1.781.670.1101189
"Streaks"WDLno Wno Dno L
Rabotnicki Skopje200042
FK Shkendija001150

"Full Standings"MPWDLGoalsPts
"Last 6 games"MPWDLGoalsPts
"Home only"MPWDLGoalsPts
"Away only"MPWDLGoalsPts
"Full table"MPW-D-Lgoalspoints

The soccer stats tables - explained:

1. "Over 2.5 stats": shows the percentage of over 1.5;2.5;3.5;BTTS.. games.

2."Full-time stats": shows average total goals per game, scored and allowed.

3. "HT/FT stats": Half-time/Full-time statistics in % of all games.

4. "HT1 stats" and "HT2 stats": shows the stats for each half-time - goals and half-time result.

5. "Time" of goals": shows the percentage of a goal(scored or allowed) in the given intervals .

- "Home team only": shows last 7 games for the home team.

- "Away team only": shows last 7 games for the away team.

- "Mutual games": shows mutual games between both teams.

- "Streaks": shows number of consecutive games with: W-wins, D-draws, L-losses, no W-without win, no D-without draw, no L-without loss.