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Blau Weiss Linz vs Austria Klagenfurt1X2OvUn

Austria Erste Liga. Date: 26.02.2021. Start time:

Sorry no stats for this past game.

"Home team only"FT (HT)PrevO/U
19/02d2Blau Weiss Linz1:0 (0:0)FC LieferingWU
12/02d2Austria Wien II2:4 (1:3)Blau Weiss LinzWO
11/12d2Blau Weiss Linz2:0 (1:0)LASK JuniorsWU
06/12d2Lafnitz1:0 (1:0)Blau Weiss LinzLU
27/11d2Floridsdorfer AC4:1 (1:0)Blau Weiss LinzLO
20/11d2Blau Weiss Linz3:2 (3:0)HornWO
08/11d2Vorwarts Steyr1:1 (0:1)Blau Weiss LinzDU
"Away team only"FT (HT)PrevO/U
21/02d2Austria Klagenfurt2:3 (2:1)Rapid Wien IILO
13/12d2Austria Klagenfurt2:2 (1:2)FC LieferingDO
04/12d2LASK Juniors2:1 (2:1)Austria KlagenfurtLO
29/11d2Austria Klagenfurt2:1 (1:1)Austria LustenauWO
20/11d2Austria Klagenfurt1:1 (0:0)Wacker InnsbruckDU
06/11d2Grazer1:1 (0:1)Austria KlagenfurtDU
31/10d2Austria Klagenfurt3:0 (1:0)AmstettenWO
"Mutual games"FT (HT)O/U
09/20d2Austria Klagenfurt3:1 (2:1)Blau Weiss LinzO
06/20d2Blau Weiss Linz1:2 (0:1)Austria KlagenfurtO
08/19d2Austria Klagenfurt3:1 (1:0)Blau Weiss LinzO
03/19d2Austria Klagenfurt5:0 (1:0)Blau Weiss LinzO
08/18d2Blau Weiss Linz3:1 (2:0)Austria KlagenfurtO

1. "Over 2.5"
Blau Weiss Linz100876760332067132760
Austria Klagenfurt10010071432108605743
Blau Weiss Linz100865743291457144343
Austria Klagenfurt10010050170010008317

2."Full-time stats"Goals:overallscoredallowed
Blau Weiss Linztotal:3.732.201.53
Austria Klagenfurttotal:3.362.001.36
Blau Weiss Linzhome only:3.432.431.00
Austria Klagenfurtaway only:2.671.171.50

Blau Weiss Linz530013070720
Austria Klagenfurt2907142107210
Blau Weiss Linz570029014000
Austria Klagenfurt1700033017330

"4. HT1 stats"overallscoredallowed1X2
Blau Weiss Linz1.731.270.47532027
Austria Klagenfurt1.430.930.50363629
Blau Weiss Linz1.571.430.1457430
Austria Klagenfurt1.170.830.33173350
"4. HT2 stats"overallscoredallowed1X2
Blau Weiss Linz2.000.931.07473320
Austria Klagenfurt1.931.070.8664297
Blau Weiss Linz1.861.000.86432929
Austria Klagenfurt1.500.331.1750500
"Streaks"WDLno Wno Dno L
Blau Weiss Linz300063
Austria Klagenfurt001310

"5. Time of goals"0-1516-3031-4546-6061-7576+
Blau Weiss Linz403340604760
Austria Klagenfurt292957573657
Blau Weiss Linz292943437157
Austria Klagenfurt173350173383
"Full Standings"MPWDLGoalsPts
"Last 6 games"MPWDLGoalsPts
"Home only"MPWDLGoalsPts
"Away only"MPWDLGoalsPts
"Full table"MPW-D-Lgoalspoints

The soccer stats tables - explained:

1. "Over 2.5 stats": shows the percentage of over 1.5;2.5;3.5;BTTS.. games.

2."Full-time stats": shows average total goals per game, scored and allowed.

3. "HT/FT stats": Half-time/Full-time statistics in % of all games.

4. "HT1 stats" and "HT2 stats": shows the stats for each half-time - goals and half-time result.

5. "Time" of goals": shows the percentage of a goal(scored or allowed) in the given intervals .

- "Home team only": shows last 7 games for the home team.

- "Away team only": shows last 7 games for the away team.

- "Mutual games": shows mutual games between both teams.

- "Streaks": shows number of consecutive games with: W-wins, D-draws, L-losses, no W-without win, no D-without draw, no L-without loss.