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FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn1X2OvUn

Finland Veikkausliiga. Date: 02.10.2020. Start time:

"Home team only"FT (HT)PrevO/U
28/09d1Inter Turku3:0 (1:0)FC LahtiLO
23/09d1SJK0:1 (0:0)FC LahtiWU
17/09d1FC Lahti1:1 (0:0)TPS TurkuDU
14/09d1FC Lahti1:2 (1:0)KuPS KuopioLO
09/09d1IFK Mariehamn2:2 (0:1)FC LahtiDO
31/08d1FC Lahti2:2 (2:0)Inter TurkuDO
26/08d1FC Haka2:2 (1:1)FC LahtiDO
"Away team only"FT (HT)PrevO/U
27/09d1IFK Mariehamn0:2 (0:1)KuPS KuopioLU
23/09d1IFK Mariehamn0:2 (0:0)Ilves TampereLU
19/09d1HIFK Helsinki2:2 (2:0)IFK MariehamnDO
14/09d1TPS Turku1:1 (0:0)IFK MariehamnDU
09/09d1IFK Mariehamn2:2 (0:1)FC LahtiDO
30/08d1HJK Helsinki6:1 (4:1)IFK MariehamnLO
26/08d1IFK Mariehamn4:0 (2:0)RoPS RovaniemiWO
"Mutual games"FT (HT)O/U
09/20d1IFK Mariehamn2:2 (0:1)FC LahtiO
09/19d1FC Lahti0:1 (0:0)IFK MariehamnU
06/19d1IFK Mariehamn0:1 (0:0)FC LahtiU
10/18d1IFK Mariehamn3:0 (1:0)FC LahtiO
07/18d1FC Lahti2:0 (0:0)IFK MariehamnU
05/18d1IFK Mariehamn1:2 (0:1)FC LahtiO
10/17d1FC Lahti0:1 (0:0)IFK MariehamnU
07/17d1FC Lahti6:2 (4:1)IFK MariehamnO
05/17d1IFK Mariehamn0:2 (0:0)FC LahtiU
10/16d1FC Lahti0:2 (0:1)IFK MariehamnU
07/16d1FC Lahti1:1 (1:1)IFK MariehamnU
05/16d1IFK Mariehamn3:0 (2:0)FC LahtiO
08/15d1IFK Mariehamn0:2 (0:1)FC LahtiU
06/15d1FC Lahti0:0 (0:0)IFK MariehamnU
04/15d1FC Lahti0:1 (0:0)IFK MariehamnU
10/14d1FC Lahti1:1 (0:0)IFK MariehamnU
06/14d1IFK Mariehamn0:1 (0:1)FC LahtiU
05/14d1IFK Mariehamn0:0 (0:0)FC LahtiU

1. "Over 2.5"
FC Lahti888271416053184141
IFK Mariehamn94886541181259124741
FC Lahti7575633813050253838
IFK Mariehamn1001008850382510005050

2."Full-time stats"Goals:overallscoredallowed
FC Lahtitotal:2.881.351.53
IFK Mariehamntotal:3.291.471.82
FC Lahtihome only:2.631.251.38
IFK Mariehamnaway only:4.251.752.50

FC Lahti2412662460618
IFK Mariehamn3560018126618
FC Lahti25131303800013
IFK Mariehamn381300131313013

"4. HT1 stats"overallscoredallowed1X2
FC Lahti1.180.710.47413524
IFK Mariehamn1.290.530.76412929
FC Lahti1.000.750.25503813
IFK Mariehamn1.630.501.13502525
"4. HT2 stats"overallscoredallowed1X2
FC Lahti1.710.651.06292447
IFK Mariehamn2.000.941.06294129
FC Lahti1.630.501.13133850
IFK Mariehamn2.631.251.38255025
"Streaks"WDLno Wno Dno L
FC Lahti001120
IFK Mariehamn002620

"5. Time of goals"0-1516-3031-4546-6061-7576+
FC Lahti243541355365
IFK Mariehamn413541534141
FC Lahti132538253875
IFK Mariehamn505038503875
"Full Standings"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.HJK Helsinki18115242:1538
2.KuPS Kuopio16114131:1337
3.Inter Turku1894528:1631
4.FC Honka Espoo1769219:1127
5.Ilves Tampere1775527:2326
6.HIFK Helsinki1673623:2224
8.FC Lahti1757523:2622
9.IFK Mariehamn1755725:3120
10.FC Haka1836920:3715
11.TPS Turku17331114:3112
12.RoPS Rovaniemi18121512:395
"Last 6 games"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.KuPS Kuopio660014:318
3.HJK Helsinki632117:811
4.Ilves Tampere631212:610
5.FC Honka Espoo62227:68
6.HIFK Helsinki62229:98
7.FC Haka62137:127
8.Inter Turku61327:66
9.FC Lahti61327:106
10.TPS Turku60337:143
11.IFK Mariehamn60336:153
12.RoPS Rovaniemi61054:143
"Home only"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.Inter Turku971119:622
2.HJK Helsinki954023:819
3.KuPS Kuopio760114:618
4.Ilves Tampere944116:916
6.FC Honka Espoo934210:813
7.IFK Mariehamn933311:1112
8.HIFK Helsinki832310:1311
9.FC Lahti824210:1110
10.TPS Turku82156:127
11.RoPS Rovaniemi90278:182
12.FC Haka90277:232
"Away only"MPWDLGoalsPts
1.HJK Helsinki961219:719
2.KuPS Kuopio954017:719
3.FC Honka Espoo83509:314
4.HIFK Helsinki841313:913
5.FC Haka934213:1413
6.FC Lahti933313:1512
7.Ilves Tampere831411:1410
9.Inter Turku92349:109
10.IFK Mariehamn822414:208
11.TPS Turku91268:195
12.RoPS Rovaniemi91084:213
"Full table"MPW-D-Lgoalspoints123456789101112
1.HJK Helsinki1811-5-242:1538X2:21:12:02:01:16:13:1
2.KuPS Kuopio1611-4-131:13370:3X1:02:13:02:13:13:0
3.Inter Turku189-4-528:16311:0X0:05:13:20:12:12:03:1
4.FC Honka Espoo176-9-219:11270:01:11:1X3:20:10:03:11:0
5.Ilves Tampere177-5-527:23261:20:0X2:20:03:14:31:11:0
6.HIFK Helsinki167-3-623:22244:30:30:0X2:10:32:20:12:0
8.FC Lahti175-7-523:26220:41:22:20:03:20:0X1:13:0
9.IFK Mariehamn175-5-725:31202:00:00:20:32:2X2:21:04:0
10.FC Haka183-6-920:37151:42:40:21:10:20:21:42:2X0:2
11.TPS Turku173-3-1114:31120:21:00:20:11:01:31:12:3X
12.RoPS Rovaniemi181-2-1512:3950:10:20:21:31:10:12:32:22:3X

The soccer stats tables - explained:

1. "Over 2.5 stats": shows the percentage of over 1.5;2.5;3.5;BTTS.. games.

2."Full-time stats": shows average total goals per game, scored and allowed.

3. "HT/FT stats": Half-time/Full-time statistics in % of all games.

4. "HT1 stats" and "HT2 stats": shows the stats for each half-time - goals and half-time result.

5. "Time" of goals": shows the percentage of a goal(scored or allowed) in the given intervals .

- "Home team only": shows last 7 games for the home team.

- "Away team only": shows last 7 games for the away team.

- "Mutual games": shows mutual games between both teams.

- "Streaks": shows number of consecutive games with: W-wins, D-draws, L-losses, no W-without win, no D-without draw, no L-without loss.